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Be happy, Be balanced doing the right things!
Super Foods helps weight loss
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Gain Awareness, Lose Weight!

Research shows that tracking your eating and exercising habit DOUBLES weight loss.

PersonalTracker is a FREE and RELIABLE tool for you to track food intake, exercises, blood sugar and medical information.

We are dietitians' #1 preferred calorie tracking tool!


• Track Food & Enter Your Recipes

• See Nutritional Facts

• Enter Exercises & See Caloric Burn Out

• Track Your Blood Sugar

  • • Set Your Daily Goal

Our Service Gives You Instant Feedback!
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Be Healthy, Be Balanced!

It's not that hard! And we know YOU CAN DO IT!

When you track your intake, you learn the nutritional facts of each food. You can then compare your intake with your daily goal and balance your physical activities with your intake.

We help you set a realistic goal. The key is to start changing your habit slowly, so it can become your new lifestyle. Selecting right food portions, eating healthy foods and exercising will make you feel more energetic and better in general.